Why #JoyfulHope

Joyful Hope is something that has become a mantra in my life. Those who know me from social media will know this, dear friends might even roll their eyes when it is mentioned, (in a loving way of course) and when given the choice, for a craft idea or an outlook, it is what I

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Movie Night and Popcorn: Part I

One of my most cherished traditions with my older “godkids” is our movie night tradition.  I understand that they have movie nights when I am not there, but I think my brain refuses to let me process such an inconceivable thing <shaking head.>   But I DO know that there are certain things (AuntieCam popcorn) that

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AuntieCam vs. The Fitbit

Who knew?

While I (generally) work out pretty frequently and thus had a (misguided) notion that I moved a lot,  I decided to get a Fitbit after meeting with a nutritionist and after reading the 700th article about the public health dangers of sitting (1-699 just hadn’t convinced me.)  I figured that with the Fitbit, I could

The Hunt

Gifts: The Feminist Sticker Club

There is nothing like finding the right, nay, perfect gift for dear friends.  Especially when that person is someone who goes out of their way to find special gifts for others.  Can you imagine the pressure?  My friend LBB and I have almost the same birthday, and she gives gifts to the extent that she

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AuntieCam vs. Gift Cards

How to Use them Strategically

Several years ago, I read an article that quantified how much businesses earn from unused portions of gift cards.  Let’s say that Big Box Store X sells $100,000 in gift cards (or 1,000, $100 gift cards,) totally conceivable right?  Well if each person leaves $1.50 on those, that is $1,500 made.  Basically Big Box Store