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Sunday Morning Ritual 2

This week was one for the Auntie books. There were sleepovers, shopping for birthday parties, and it is that perfect weather where I find myself in a comfy chair reading until I have to turn on a light and/or pack up the patio furniture. Despite it being busy at the 9-5, I am feeling at

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Sunday Morning Ritual 1

For someone who loves new things, spontaneity, and ideas, I also love plans, ritual, and familiarity. Most Sundays, I wake up early, go to mass, walk a block and a half to a coffee shop, and then enjoy my coffee in a real mug while I read and reflect. I love that I can tell

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Unicorn Anxiety

So I make cakes. ..

My dear friends, it is time to out something very important about my AuntieCam-dom, and the truth is. . .well, I make cakes. “I’m starting a blog” I told my roommate. “I hope its about cakes” he replied. Cake production goes in our shared calendar as the kitchen will be ocupado, don’t try to come

The Littles

Chicken-fish Birthday

Today was my local goddaughter’s birthday. With the Easter overlap, there was both a great merging, and an intentional delineating of events.  Since her party will be next weekend, we were able to enjoy a quiet day together.  I met up with the whole family after mass to have lunch and then we went back