Good at Life

Summer Bucket List 2018 Part I

H appy Sunday Aunties.  Somehow June is sneaking up on us, not in a malicious way, but just a “oh, is it my turn?” kinda way.  Sort of like when your coffee is ready, but you have already become immersed in your work, or you are called at the doctor, but you haven’t finished the

Good at Life

Our Superpowers

So, another AuntieCam confession to you, dear Aunties: I am super “draggable.” I love seeing people excited about things, and there is rarely an invite I will not accept (sometimes to my detriment.)  I mean, what magic could be waiting behind proverbial door #1?  I MUST know. Yes, I am FOMO patient zero. So a

#JoyfulHope|Love Letters

A gift: Let Love

Happy Mother’s Day Aunties!  What a weird day this can be for us.  Some of us are mothers, and thus fit so perfectly into the most straightforward reason for today’s holiday.  Some of us yearn for our mothers (or children) who have departed, some of us have complicated, harmful relationships with our mothers, some of

The Littles

And a blue candle

The bean's #3

M onth of baking, cake number 2 was pretty epic, both in the cake itself, and in the story that brought it to be.  Bean is my friend’s name for her daughter, and in keeping with my attempt to not name the innocent, I will adopt it and “the bean” as I recount this story.


And I think it was an angel

Ibeyi are aunties

Dear Aunties. Do you ever think that other Littles can sense your Auntie-ness?  That somehow in that intuition/perceptiveness that hasn’t yet been dulled, they latch on to your energy?  This definitely happens to me.  I’ll be at a bar/restaurant and a baby will start cooing at me.  At picnic tables, children will come set up