#JoyfulHope|Good at Life

I’ll be here again if you need me

My dearest Aunties: Recently, I’ve been thinking about our relationships with each other.  The #auntielove that moves us to be so #rideordie, to pick each other up, to cry with each other. . .you get the idea. So completely made up visual about hearts. I believe when we are growing to love someone – love

#JoyfulHope|Good at Life

Be the light

part I

One of the most surprising things about this blog is what actually ends up on it.  I walk through my days often thinking of the things I want to discuss with you, my dear Aunties.  But it always seems to be something slightly different that emerges, one topic will morph into another, and the result

Love Letters

Goodnight 30s

a letter to a decade

Goodnight to you, my dear 30s: Thank you for all the discomfort that lead to growth, for the rage that lead to peace, and the sorrow that led to gratitude. For the godkids and #littles that you brought to be my own. For the friendships that grew, and for teaching me that some could not.

Good at Life

Summer Bucket List Part II

The reveal

Well Aunties, I know that you all have anxiously been waiting for this year’s Summer Bucket List, and to be honest, I have too.  I diligently read local magazines to get ideas, did some productive daydreaming, and fiercely rejected any ideas that were “responsible.” Aunties, the Summer Bucket List isn’t for better organized closets or