Good at Life

Complaint Free

What was I thinking?

Dear Aunties- Do you ever agree to something and then think “what was I thinking?” Typically, my life decisions/commitments fall into one of two categories: I too quickly commit to something, go in full-sail (is that a real expression?), and then get overwhelmed by it (see: throwing wedding/baby showers); or I ponder, and research, and

Good at Life

Best Party Ever

"Home Goods" Party

My dearest Aunties: We have been kinda deep with our emotions this summer (ok, by “we” I mean “I,” but I know you are all on this life journey with me.)  So I wanted to do a more light-hearted post and share my most recent idea for an auntie gathering.  I definitely recommend it as

Love Letters

The Empty

Part I: The Friends

Dear Aunties: I have not forgotten you out there in the world, loving the littles, supporting each other, and being amazing, even given tough jobs, extreme heat, and disappointing news (personally and nationally/internationally.)  In writing this blog, you have become a part of me, and I had come to a place where, throughout the day,