Good at Life

Am I going to use this again?

Happy Tuesday Aunties! I hope that this week finds you well.  Here in Austin we are under a water advisory, meaning that my second workout this morning (and yesterday) was carrying a case of water in for the office.  What can I say? I care.  [I hope my FitBit is happy.] While there are somethings

#JoyfulHope|Love Letters

How will they know us?

“Do you think its because your Grandpa loved [making tamales] so much?” asked my dear cousin-Auntie this weekend.  As some of you know, my weekend was spent touring wedding venues with my parents.  No, I am not getting married, but in the lovely mix of modern, multi-cultural unions, and fierce sibling solidarity, I found myself

Good at Life

What truths are we holding?

Dear Aunties: Happy first second day of October! For some reason this new beginning has me focusing on hope rather than answering the beckon to despair.  I hope that all of you are taking time for self care and time to realize that something amazing is also happening. . .we are witnessing women banding together, united