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Best Party Ever: The Recap

Home Goods Party

Dear Aunties-

I am sure that after you read the post on the Best Party Ever | Home Goods Party idea, you were frantically organizing the ladies in your life to meet at the Home Goods (or other store of your choice) to hold your own party.  If not, just humor me a bit longer.

So last night was the fateful night in Austin, TX.  Four fellow Aunties and I met at the local Home Goods to have our party/scavenger hunt, and lots of laughter ensued.

As a quick reminder, we chose four categories (under $5, under $10, clearance item, and an “open” category), each person walked around the store and selected an entry for each category.  We gathered at various times and locations to choose a “winner” for each category.  We wanted to find the most ridiculous item in each category.  Because I am a nerd, I made a program.

It was great seeing how each Auntie was drawn to a particular quality in making her choices.   For example, one Auntie kept finding things that just didn’t make sense: “this fish is in profile, but it has two eyes showing.” Or “this is a chicken, but it doesn’t have a beak.”  One Auntie made her selection for the most ridiculous item in the open category and it was complimented by another shopper!  Some entries were brought to the table just so we could get input on what exactly the item was. . .”Oh, its a mermaid aquarium, but the mermaids are. . .missing?”  (Note, I thought that particular item was a dog toy.)

The Aunties got into it!  There were several blankets used (sorry Home Goods, we were careful) to hide items that would be contenders in later rounds.  There were pleas for extra credit. “If someone bought the item I took a picture of to enter, do I get extra credit?” One Auntie finally admitted she loved her ridiculous items.  “You love it don’t you?” I asked.  “Yes,” she responded. Chuckle.

At the end of the night, I did buy two items, because really sometimes you need Home Goods because you can buy love, or at least a moment of happy, for $4.  Which is a really good deal.  This little elephant cream server?  How cute is it?  I may take it to the office and use it for my almond milk.

<Realizes that I never make coffee at the office.>

Well I will use it somewhere, and I will smile when I do.