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"Home Goods" Party

My dearest Aunties:

We have been kinda deep with our emotions this summer (ok, by “we” I mean “I,” but I know you are all on this life journey with me.)  So I wanted to do a more light-hearted post and share my most recent idea for an auntie gathering.  I definitely recommend it as an easy gathering for these summer months (note: this recommendation is based on absolutely nothing concrete as it has not yet happened.)

So back story: the other day my twin Auntie and I met for dinner.  After dinner, we decided to saunter around a store as a form of entertainment.  (Friends, it is over 105 degrees here, we take the free air conditioning in any form we can take it.)  Home Goods was close, so we went there.

The great thing about this family of stores is that you can walk around and instead of “looking” for something, it is more a form of entertainment as you note so many items that you did not previously know you needed.  Miniature cheese grater? Yep, how can you pass up that cuteness?  Jewelry trays that actually cannot hold anything? The search is over! New bedazzled bedding?  mm-hmm.

Now don’t get me wrong, these stores are simply THE BEST for when you do need something for decoration, storage, bedding when a surprise guest announces their visit, maybe a gift. . .the point is, I love a good Home Good/Marshall’s/TJ Maxx saunter.  I have made many a night of sauntering/shopping these stores with several friends through the years.  Why not?  You are going to spend some significant time there with any entry, may as well catch up while weighing in on each other’s purchases.

So back to that fateful night. . .as twin Auntie and I were wandering the store, we were picking out objects that were pretty um. . .nonsensical. Blame the large dinner we had.  Blame the drinks we had with said large dinner.  Blame the heat.  Blame the fact that we actually did not NEED anything.

“You know, I’ve always wanted to have a contest where a get a group of friends together and we see what is the most ridiculous thing we can find is.” I told twin Auntie.

And we were off, by the time that we were done with our saunter, the event was planned.  A date had been set, participants had been contacted, and a few example items had been identified.

Here is the plan: we will meet at Home Goods and take a set amount of time (maybe 30 minutes) to wander the store and come up wit hour entries in the following categories:

1. Under $5

2. Under $10

3. Clearance item (must be marked with a red sticker)

4. Best of all (no price or other restrictions)

We will then gather and decide the winners.

Extra points will be awarded if:

a. You decide to buy the item and you later text a picture of how you integrated it into your decor.

b. You get asked your opinion while shopping.


We will report back Aunties!  I put a few inspiration items below.  Feel free to share your story of your best find ever in the comments.



  1. This is so exciting, I love talking about Home Goods! I love how it is mostly women (customers and employees), it has the same clubby feeling of a nail or hair salon. I was once asked why I was buying so many of one type of candle, and I felt like I was revealing a secret (it was the most authentic jasmine selling candle I had ever come across).

  2. I still kind of regret not buying the mini-cheese grater. Although I have never eaten a mini portion of cheese in my life.

  3. I’m inviting friends here in MA. We’ll see if I’m doing this by myself virtually with you guys, or with a group. It’s going to be hilarious!

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