Good at Life

Am I going to use this again?

Happy Tuesday Aunties! I hope that this week finds you well.  Here in Austin we are under a water advisory, meaning that my second workout this morning (and yesterday) was carrying a case of water in for the office.  What can I say? I care.  [I hope my FitBit is happy.] While there are somethings

Good at Life

What truths are we holding?

Dear Aunties: Happy first second day of October! For some reason this new beginning has me focusing on hope rather than answering the beckon to despair.  I hope that all of you are taking time for self care and time to realize that something amazing is also happening. . .we are witnessing women banding together, united

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Sitting with Our Fears

Happy Sunday Aunties- Sundays for me are happiest when they include going to mass and then going to the coffee shop to sit, read, journal, and be in the community that has formed here.  The Sunday coffee shop scene in Austin isn’t filled with students and entrepreneurs, but instead with thinkers, readers, and conversations.  It

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Can you imagine?**

Dearest Aunties- Thanks to a person who I admire, and who I am lucky enough to be friended with, I found out that today is National Forgiveness Day. Forgiveness is something that, in trying to live my best life, I have tried to practice again and again. The part that has always been the hardest?  Forgiving

Good at Life

Best Party Ever: The Recap

Home Goods Party

Dear Aunties- I am sure that after you read the post on the Best Party Ever | Home Goods Party idea, you were frantically organizing the ladies in your life to meet at the Home Goods (or other store of your choice) to hold your own party.  If not, just humor me a bit longer.

Good at Life

Complaint Free

What was I thinking?

Dear Aunties- Do you ever agree to something and then think “what was I thinking?” Typically, my life decisions/commitments fall into one of two categories: I too quickly commit to something, go in full-sail (is that a real expression?), and then get overwhelmed by it (see: throwing wedding/baby showers); or I ponder, and research, and

Good at Life

Best Party Ever

"Home Goods" Party

My dearest Aunties: We have been kinda deep with our emotions this summer (ok, by “we” I mean “I,” but I know you are all on this life journey with me.)  So I wanted to do a more light-hearted post and share my most recent idea for an auntie gathering.  I definitely recommend it as

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I’ll be here again if you need me

My dearest Aunties: Recently, I’ve been thinking about our relationships with each other.  The #auntielove that moves us to be so #rideordie, to pick each other up, to cry with each other. . .you get the idea. So completely made up visual about hearts. I believe when we are growing to love someone – love

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Be the light

part I

One of the most surprising things about this blog is what actually ends up on it.  I walk through my days often thinking of the things I want to discuss with you, my dear Aunties.  But it always seems to be something slightly different that emerges, one topic will morph into another, and the result