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How will they know us?

“Do you think its because your Grandpa loved [making tamales] so much?” asked my dear cousin-Auntie this weekend.  As some of you know, my weekend was spent touring wedding venues with my parents.  No, I am not getting married, but in the lovely mix of modern, multi-cultural unions, and fierce sibling solidarity, I found myself

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Sitting with Our Fears

Happy Sunday Aunties- Sundays for me are happiest when they include going to mass and then going to the coffee shop to sit, read, journal, and be in the community that has formed here.  The Sunday coffee shop scene in Austin isn’t filled with students and entrepreneurs, but instead with thinkers, readers, and conversations.  It

#JoyfulHope|Good at Life

I’ll be here again if you need me

My dearest Aunties: Recently, I’ve been thinking about our relationships with each other.  The #auntielove that moves us to be so #rideordie, to pick each other up, to cry with each other. . .you get the idea. So completely made up visual about hearts. I believe when we are growing to love someone – love

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Be the light

part I

One of the most surprising things about this blog is what actually ends up on it.  I walk through my days often thinking of the things I want to discuss with you, my dear Aunties.  But it always seems to be something slightly different that emerges, one topic will morph into another, and the result

#JoyfulHope|Love Letters

A gift: Let Love

Happy Mother’s Day Aunties!  What a weird day this can be for us.  Some of us are mothers, and thus fit so perfectly into the most straightforward reason for today’s holiday.  Some of us yearn for our mothers (or children) who have departed, some of us have complicated, harmful relationships with our mothers, some of


And I think it was an angel

Ibeyi are aunties

Dear Aunties. Do you ever think that other Littles can sense your Auntie-ness?  That somehow in that intuition/perceptiveness that hasn’t yet been dulled, they latch on to your energy?  This definitely happens to me.  I’ll be at a bar/restaurant and a baby will start cooing at me.  At picnic tables, children will come set up

#JoyfulHope|Good at Life|Love Letters

Sunday Morning Ritual 1

For someone who loves new things, spontaneity, and ideas, I also love plans, ritual, and familiarity. Most Sundays, I wake up early, go to mass, walk a block and a half to a coffee shop, and then enjoy my coffee in a real mug while I read and reflect. I love that I can tell