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What song speaks to you?

Hello Aunties- So it has been eons since we have spoken.  I have had some life events taking me away from this blog, and some guest writing that has been fun.  But I want to refocus here and figure out what we can be together. I was called back by thinking of this song that

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How will they know us?

“Do you think its because your Grandpa loved [making tamales] so much?” asked my dear cousin-Auntie this weekend.  As some of you know, my weekend was spent touring wedding venues with my parents.  No, I am not getting married, but in the lovely mix of modern, multi-cultural unions, and fierce sibling solidarity, I found myself

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The Empty

Part I: The Friends

Dear Aunties: I have not forgotten you out there in the world, loving the littles, supporting each other, and being amazing, even given tough jobs, extreme heat, and disappointing news (personally and nationally/internationally.)  In writing this blog, you have become a part of me, and I had come to a place where, throughout the day,

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Goodnight 30s

a letter to a decade

Goodnight to you, my dear 30s: Thank you for all the discomfort that lead to growth, for the rage that lead to peace, and the sorrow that led to gratitude. For the godkids and #littles that you brought to be my own. For the friendships that grew, and for teaching me that some could not.

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A gift: Let Love

Happy Mother’s Day Aunties!  What a weird day this can be for us.  Some of us are mothers, and thus fit so perfectly into the most straightforward reason for today’s holiday.  Some of us yearn for our mothers (or children) who have departed, some of us have complicated, harmful relationships with our mothers, some of

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Sunday Morning Ritual 1

For someone who loves new things, spontaneity, and ideas, I also love plans, ritual, and familiarity. Most Sundays, I wake up early, go to mass, walk a block and a half to a coffee shop, and then enjoy my coffee in a real mug while I read and reflect. I love that I can tell