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How Do I Help with Back to School?

Auntie Style

Dearest Aunties- Today in my heart (and in locations throughout Texas), several of my dearest littles went back to school.  Two of them started Kindergarten, and my heart sighed.  If you allow me one weepy moment, these are kids I met before they walked or talked, and when I first heard them utter “Auntie Cam.

The Littles

And a blue candle

The bean's #3

M onth of baking, cake number 2 was pretty epic, both in the cake itself, and in the story that brought it to be.  Bean is my friend’s name for her daughter, and in keeping with my attempt to not name the innocent, I will adopt it and “the bean” as I recount this story.

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Unicorn Anxiety

So I make cakes. ..

My dear friends, it is time to out something very important about my AuntieCam-dom, and the truth is. . .well, I make cakes. “I’m starting a blog” I told my roommate. “I hope its about cakes” he replied. Cake production goes in our shared calendar as the kitchen will be ocupado, don’t try to come

The Littles

Chicken-fish Birthday

Today was my local goddaughter’s birthday. With the Easter overlap, there was both a great merging, and an intentional delineating of events.  Since her party will be next weekend, we were able to enjoy a quiet day together.  I met up with the whole family after mass to have lunch and then we went back

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Movie Night and Popcorn: Part I

One of my most cherished traditions with my older “godkids” is our movie night tradition.  I understand that they have movie nights when I am not there, but I think my brain refuses to let me process such an inconceivable thing <shaking head.>   But I DO know that there are certain things (AuntieCam popcorn) that