Love Letters

Goodnight 30s

a letter to a decade

Goodnight to you, my dear 30s:

Thank you for all the discomfort that lead to growth, for the rage that lead to peace, and the sorrow that led to gratitude.

For the godkids and #littles that you brought to be my own.

For the friendships that grew, and for teaching me that some could not.

For teaching me who I am, and then guiding me to the chair where I could sit comfortably in that knowledge.

For the lowest of the lows, the ones that made me know my truth, and for the friends and family who stood there to hold parts of myself when I could not.

For bringing me home and gently turning me towards the rest of who I am.

And for urging me to open the proverbial chest sitting at the foot of the bed, the one that held my deepest faith.

We’ve been together for a good run, and by now you know that I always believe in looking forward, in believing the best yet is to come.  You know that my absolute belief in #joyfulhope means believing a true gift is still waiting.  But I must admit you were my favorite thus far, and it brings me comfort to know that we will always have each other.

All my heart,