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Summer Bucket List Part II

The reveal

Well Aunties, I know that you all have anxiously been waiting for this year’s Summer Bucket List, and to be honest, I have too.  I diligently read local magazines to get ideas, did some productive daydreaming, and fiercely rejected any ideas that were “responsible.”

Aunties, the Summer Bucket List isn’t for better organized closets or making a plan to get your brakes replaced.  The Summer Bucket List is about possibilities and dreams. . .and recapturing that feeling that summer is for LIVING.  For doing those things that we have been putting off, that we want to do for no good reason except that they will MAKE US HAPPY.

So here it is my #auntiesummerlist2018 let’s play, shall we:


See Movies – so this item is motivated by the fact that I have been gifted two local movie memberships (thank you gifter who does not read my blog!)  One is for a theater across the street from my office that shows a GREAT lineup for the summer.  I have already gone to see Casablanca, and I have circled upcoming films of interest (see more here.)  The second membership is to a theater that shows awesome independent films and is but a hop away from my house, next to a restaurant with great beverages. See more here.  So, in that weird mix of discipline and frugalness, I am DETERMINED to get my gift’s worth.  Plus, its hot here, theaters are cold, popcorn is my favorite food, how is this not meant to be?


Boozy Lunches – the #auntielife includes so many amazing friendships.  And fun fact about #auntiecam, I am not into group dinners. But I love, love, one-on-one meals with friends where we have real talks from everything from politics to word origins, to movies, and then back to another sociological topic. Split a bottle of wine, dive right in, let’s do this more, hmm.


Doodle – just because.  Because I went to an art show and a friend promised me if I practiced, maybe my drawing would be recognizable. Because my brother is a talented artist, so I know its not genetic. Let’s do this left side of the brain (is that right?)


Europe – Bad work weeks + invitation to Europe = going to Europe.  Thank you for that bad work week. Thank you for that particular feeling of indignation that makes you check your PTO balance and say “yep, I have miles.”


V E G A S – I turn 40 in 3 days.  BFF1 and I have planned a weekend of pool, spa and good food.  Honestly, there is nothing we need but to be together because we will do the same thing, but somehow it is always special.


Celebrate Love – In a summer where so many of my loves are celebrating their love, I will be there with theme-appropriate clothes, with baked goods, whatever.  Let’s just dance in it, shall we?  Plus, I am feeling the importance of PRIDE month like never before.  Just really, love and let love. Let’s do this aunties.


Wear HATS & BRAIDS – I love hats. Why don’t I wear them more?  I want to experiment more with braids.  Unrelated, my hairdresser told me to spray on some leave-in conditioner, do some braids, and rock out in the sun.  What more encouragement do I need?  Kismet.


Auntie Sleepovers – They are so fun.  Invite a little.  Make popcorn, watch a movie.  Dress up for an event, do mani’s.  Be a hero.  I’m not raging on the weekends anyway.  Note: thanks to my cousin’s wife who previewed my list and um, “suggested” that I clarify that was Auntie Sleepovers.  This is a PG-blog friends. P.G.


Radical book clubs – Aunties, do we know the story of @becauseweveread? Follow along, read the books, live life, repeat.  Shout out also to my local faith-based radical book club. Let’s do this.

And finally. . .

Be Fabulously 40.  Because let’s own this.

Please be sure to check out Joy the Baker’s Summer Bucket List, which I vowed not to read until I finished mine.  Thanks for encouraging me to start this awesome trend. 

Aunties, please comment, and follow along on social media as we metaphorically go out and play together.  All my #auntielove to you, don’t forget sunscreen.



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  1. I so badly wish I was there to tag along on these! All of it sounds like a blast and reminds me to make my list.

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